Seted Solutions offers high quality matched and certified memory solutions for current, legacy and obsolete Laptops, Desktops and Servers. All our memory is tested and 100% compatible for the OEM system it is intended for. Our guarantee offers complete upgrades and replacements that will not invalidate OEM warranties.

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Memory upgrades are the most cost effective approach to adding performance and functionality to your customers’ servers, desktops and notebooks. With 3rd party  branded memory, you can continue to support your customers’ growing application needs while minimizing costs on the latest refreshes.

High quality, trusted memory solutions from Seted

  • Tested compatibility with OEM equipment
  • Attractive price saving against OEMs, cost saving for our customers
  • We not only provide memory for legacy/obsolete systems not available via our compeMemorytitors, but also supply memory solutions for all the latest laptops, desktops and servers
  • Fast access to pre and post sales tech support
  • Security of lifetime warranty
  • Easy to use product selector

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