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EMBASSY® Remote Administration Server

Remote Management for Encrypted Hard Drives and Trusted Platform Modules. Wave Systems’ EMBASSY Remote Administration Server (ERAS) enables centralised IT administration to remotely deploy and manage PC clients that are secured with hardware or software encryption technologies.

ERAS remotely manages any or all of the following hardware and software security environments:

  • Self-encrypting hard drives by Seagate and Samsung
  • OPAL-compliant self-encrypting hard drives from any manufacturer
  • SafeNet ProtectDrive FDE software for systems that do not contain self encrypting hard drives
  • Trusted Platform Modules (TPM) from any manufacturer

ERAS-Enabled Trust Network

Embedded TPM technology puts a hardware root-of-trust in each individual TPM-enabled PC. The TPM root-of-trust enables unprecedented levels of security across a wide range of applications.

ERAS provides enterprise wide management of distributed TPM-enabled PC platforms. This means that all the distributed TPM root-of-trust platforms in the organisation can be managed and controlled from a central location. All of the individual root-of-trust platforms can be melded into a unified trust network. Management of hard drive encryption software and self-encrypting hard drives across the network ensures further protection and regulatory compliance for data protection.

ERAS reduces the cost and complexity of deploying TPM-enabled PCs and self-encrypting drives. This also includes software-base hard drive encryption.


ERAS Key Features

  • Centralised control of distributed TPM systems to provision identities and authorisations from Active Directory.
  • Remote ownership and automatic management of TPMs that are already present in enterprise PCs.
  • Server-based scripting for configuration and routine management.
  • Remote administration of Seagate Trusted Drives for management and control of hardware-based full disk encryption.
  • SafeNet ProtectDrive FDE software remote management.02_ERAS_Chart-3

ERAS Key Benefits

  • Enables IT Administrators to remotely control security for enterprise deployment of TPM systems, any Opal-compliant drive, and/or software-base hard drive encryption.
  • Removes complexity of providing a totally secure environment for enterprise productivity.
  • Facilitates easy deployment of TPM systems, any Opal-compliant drives, and/or SafeNet ProtectDrive FDE software.
  • Provides significant cost savings for deployment of advanced security.
  • Boosts productivity of network administrators for dealing with TPMs, any Opal-compliant drive, and/or SafeNet ProtectDrive FDE software.
  • Provides a consistent management interface for systems containing secure hardware.
  • Aids in proving regulatory compliance for data protection.

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