Rockstar is a dynamic new breed of shared storage, designed from the ground up with the creative professional in mind. It’s the perfect blend of best-in-class hardware and seamless, super high-speed networking. You can start with a single chassis and expand as your workflow dictates.

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Rockstar 4Rockstar is a dynamic new breed of shared storage. The typical storage network is too complex for an SME; Rockstar is designed for a business of this size, with all the features they need:

  • Speed, power and stability
  • Compatibility and support to make life simple
  • Control over their own data for maximum protection
  • The most advanced operating system
  • Best in class hardware

Speed, power and stability

Rockstar is a dynamic newbreed of shared storage, designed from the ground up with the creative professional in mind. It’s the perfect blend of best-in-class hardware and seamless, super high-speed networking. You can start with a single chassis and expand as your workflow dictates.

  • Ultra-fast: up to 1,500 MB/s, 50% more than a fibre channel solution
  • Best-in-class hardware: made in the US to give you the finest quality
  • Extensive storage capacity: using building blocks of 16TB, 24TB, 32 TB, 48 TB or 64 TB
  • Simple, intuitive operating system
  • Rock-solid stability
  • iPad user interface: See it in the AppStore

Compatibility and support to make life simple

It’s a seamless transition whether you use Mac OSX, Windows or Linux.

Rockstar has true plug-and-play connectivity, and it doesn’t work on client licences. So it’s easy to install, use and manage regardless of what system you have.

And it’s completely scalable. If you need more storage there’s no need to do a system overhaul – simply add capacity as you need it. Rockstar offers up to 512 TB of additional storage, so it truly grows with you.

At the heart of a Rockstar system is either Rockstar File Server OS or Windows Server – you choose which you want to use. Rockstar File Server OS is based on an open file system, which makes for a cost-effective investment with no hidden upgrade or maintenance costs.

Control over data for maximum securityRockstar Data Storage

Rockstar lets you control your own data so it’s easy to maintain a high level of security.

It’s the perfect balance between physical storage and the cloud. Everything is stored with you on servers, so you know it’s secure. But you can back up to the cloud and provide cloud access to files so people can work easily from anywhere. We also provide controlled mobile device backup so everything is safe, regardless of where work is done.

Keeping with our ethos of complete compatibility, it’s easy to link Rockstar with any legacy storage system – we integrate it into the new workflow as a ‘parking’ or pre-archive area. Because why should you have to throw away your previous investment?

The most advanced operating systemRockstar Data Storage

Rockstar File Server OS is developed to meet the highest standards. It includes

  • Active directory support
  • RAID
  • Data replication (server synchronisation)
  • Antivirus
  • Support for multiple snapshots per share
  • Network card teaming
  • Fibre channel
  • iSCSI and native support for all the most common operating systems (Windows, Linux, Unix, ESX Server and Mac), including clustering environments

Integrated replication software allows data to be backed up and restored rapidly. Network interface card teaming using IEEE802.3ad link aggregation (LACP), load balancing or failover ensures high performance and a secure flow of data – even if there are network problems. Antivirus software cleans the shares from viruses. Support for up to 30 snapshots per share enables you to backup and recover your data very quickly.

Completely scalable

You have the ability to extend your storage capabilities based on future requirements. Rockstar offers online RAID expansion and the option of flexible sizing for network shares so that your system can be enlarged at a later date.

Perfect for virtualisation

Rockstar is the perfect storage solution for VMware ESX, XEN and Microsoft Hyper-V because it offers reliable iSCSI target, fibre channel target and NFS services combined with snapshot replication.

Ideal cluster solution

Rockstar File Server OS supports Persistent Reservation (SCSI-3 PR) required for iSCSI and fibre channel cluster configurations.

Best in class hardware


Rockstar is pure speed, so you won’t have to wait very long for anything. It starts with the new-generation Intel Xeon E5 chipset. Configurations offer 6 cores of processing power, up to 40 GB/s of PCI Express Gen 3 bandwidth, and 64-bit-wide floating-point instructions.


Every Rockstar component is primed for performance – even the base configuration features 32 GB of memory. That includes a DDR3 memory controller running at 1333 MHz. It delivers up to 42.6 GB/s of memory bandwidth, which means you can negotiate even the most intensive jobs in no time. We only use ECC memory, so you don’t have to worry about being stopped by transient memory errors.


With its state-of-the art RAID controller, Rockstar offers the best data protection. The factory setting can sustain the loss of two hard drives at once without losing any of your digital assets. And you can choose from lots of different configurations. Whether you’re prioritising speed, redundancy or both, we have a setting that will work for you.


While the operating system that powers Rockstar lives on two mirrored SSD flash drives, all your data is with 16 enterprise-class SAS hard disks managed by an LSI RAID controller with built-in battery backup. You can choose between 32 TB, 48 TB and 64 TB of raw storage capacity.


Rockstar is equipped with both 1 GbE and 10 GbE connectivity so all users can access all data.


One day you’ll run out of capacity, even with the 64 TB version. So it’s good to know that you can add up to 8 extra Rockstar Supporting Acts, allowing for another 8 x 16 x 4 TB of capacity. In other words, 512 TB of additional raw storage space.

Want more details? Download the complete Technical Brochure or Product Brochure.

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