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Encryption Management Platform – EMP

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EMPDataLocker EMP – Single Device Annual License

SafeConsole is the only secure USB management platform for secure USB drives that has true password management (remote and local) and that integrates fully with LDAP.

Product Description

Instantly gain complete control over all of your DataLocker Sentry encrypted USB drives with DataLocker EMP (Encryption Management Platform). Once EMP is setup and your encrypted storage devices are deployed, an automatic inventory is created, and administrators can quickly enforce organization-specific policies for passwords, usage and storage. DataLocker EMP is available as a on premise Windows installation or hosted cloud based software as a service.

Features :

Remote Password Reset : Reset forgotten passwords using a secure, local self-service or a central help desk challenge-response procedure.

Compliance Audit : Enforce accountability and assist compliance efforts by activating a full audit trail on all device actions and file changes.

Remote Kill : Centrally handle the state of the devices over the Internet, setting them as disabled or lost- even perform factory resets remotely. Disable a user in AD and their devices are automatically disabled.

Automatic Inventory : Get an automatic inventory directory listing all users (optionally from LDAP Active Directory) and their devices.

Enforce Policy : Enforce your security policy. By ensuring that stored data is protected with a password that meets your safety standards. Limit or eliminate the risk of USB devices introducing malware onto your networks and much more.

System Requirements :

2GB RAM on server. Windows or Linux. All other required software included.

Web browser to access the administrative interface. Internet Explorer 7+ , FireFox 1.5+ (PC, Mac), Safari 3+, Opera 9+ (PC, Mac), Chrome.

Active Directory, Group Policies : Optionally reflect an existing Active Directory or other directory service. Assign configurations to Organizational Units by simple drag-and-drop.

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